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At Dreams of Cuteness we love babies, kids and family!  Beyond curating our collection of the best in baby & kids products, our business was also born with a purpose which we continue to hold dear to our hearts.  Our very first product was our "Bebox," which is our luxe baby essentials bundle. The idea was born from the notion that we could take something we all do anyway (buy gifts for friends and family with babies!) and add the benefit of helping families who are not fortunate enough to be able to provide everything their babies will need. With each Bebox purchased, we will give another to a family in need. Buy one, give one. It's that easy. 

We take making a difference seriously, in addition to our continued efforts with our Bebox,  a portion of all other proceeds goes to fund special projects that we take on throughout the year that are in line with our mission. We are so grateful for the difference we make time and time again together with the support of our customers - we couldn't do it without you. So go ahead and buy that outfit you have been eyeing - it really will help make the world a better place!

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