Our Story



People dream of many things, and founder Bianca Morales, has always dreamt of cuteness!  In 2013, Bianca stepped away from her full-time job as a non-profit attorney to focus on her three little ones.  As family and friends began having children, she found it impossible to find a complete baby gift she loved. Bianca began to put together curated gifts filled with the best of the best: her personally tested favorite baby products that had style, function and quality. As a business idea, she found that this created an opportunity to effect change for families in need.

In 2014 the charitable business, Dreams of Cuteness, was officially born.  With the love and support of her husband, family and friends this little dream turned into something she hopes will become a bit of a movement.  The Bebox is designed to be an attainable way for any one person to make a difference.  Buy one, give one. It couldn't be any easier. With every Bebox purchase, we give another Bebox to a family in need. Over time the business has grown into a full baby boutique featuring carefully curated baby apparel, accessories as well as a selection for moms!  We cannot express enough gratitude to our customers who make our mission possible, and we know that the families who benefit from your generosity feel the same!  On their behalf as well as ours: thank you for being a part of something special.