Bobo Choses Living In A Shell SS23 Collection

In every group of children, you’ll find them. They stand at a distance on their own, not adding to the wall of sound like the others. To some adults, they may seem withdrawn and avoidant. 

Many of us recognize them as the Shy Kid. The Shy Kid may struggle to make friends or speak up in class, and sharing their true nature with others around them is not easy. But for those of us who love those residing within their shells, we know that they are much more than what they show others.

They’re observers, eager to understand the how and why behind everything around them. If you’re lucky enough to be invited inside their shell, you get a glimpse into their passionate and vividly colored world that is brimming with imagination and a sense of wonder for what lies on the horizon. The new collection from Bobos Choses is inspired by the dynamic world within the Shy Kids' shell. 

True to their brand,  Bobos Choses Spring Summer 2023 collection uses a mix of bold prints and colors. The line is made up of lightweight woven cotton, breathable knits, as well as soft and stretchy fabrics with a broken-in feel for an ultra-cozy fit.

Sea-inspired prints like pelicans, sailing knots, sea flowers, and multicolor fish. If you’re like us and love a matching set, this collection has plenty to choose from, including matching crop tops with shorts/skirt combos and hoodies with sweat shorts. One of our favorites is the lightweight sweatshirt and shorts set with the sailing knot print - the ultimate comfy cool for beach time play!

Bobo Choses SS23 collection, “Living in a Shell,” is bright and breezy and filled with the perfect outfits for any sun-soaked day. Shop the first drop of this collection available now. Stay up to date on Instagram to learn more about this collection and upcoming drops at @dreamsofcuteness

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